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bwood hallidayWelcome to Conrad, Neal and Ben’s journey through wine.

What began as a day course in wine appreciation many moons ago has erupted into a passion (obsession) to cut through the jargon in the wine industry and enjoy a decent glass of wine.

We all started out as average wine drinkers who have developed a taste for wine over the years. We don’t judge in wine shows (but are open to invites) or get sent any freebies to taste (but we’re happy if that changes), we’ve just realised that from our passion for wine we have become “The Wine Wankers”

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    • Hi Karen. It’s been a long time indeed! I’ve been pretty social media averse until now so haven’t done the usual Facebook connecting most do but Deb has filled me in from time to time. Hope all is good down there in Griffith. Deb and I actually made a trip down there with my folks when she was only just pregnant with Caelum, which meant she couldn’t indulge like the rest of us. That would have been just before you moved down that way. We visited a load of the wineries and spent a lot of time at Westend. We’ll have to put another visit back on the list!


      • You should indeed! let me know when you guys are down here again 🙂 I’m interested in seeing how your journey unfolds….


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I adore wine. It has become popular on the island of Jamaica where I live. We mostly consume wine from the Americas as you would expect I suppose. Chile. California. Argentina.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post, hope you will visit again! Wishing you all the very best with your new blog, but with a subject like wine you can’t really go wrong! I used to live on the Central Coast of California in Paso Robles, surrounded by wineries. Beautiful country there. I will be back shortly to take a proper look at your recommendations, and what you think of Californian wine…:-)


      • Yes, it really is. I lived and raised my kids there for 10 years, but actually lived in the county of San Luis Obispo for 17 years. The grandparents lived in LA! My boys were both in the Scouts and every year Paso Robles hosted a wine festival where we would have a stand selling Tri-Tip beef sandwiches and sodas to raise funds for the troop! Us parents got to go and sample all the wine and food afterwards! Thanks so much for the follow, I will be back shortly… 🙂


  3. Don’t know much about wine tbh. I actually just had my first glass of some maybe a week or two ago. I think they called it Sangria (Didn’t care for it)o.O. But it’s providence that I found your blog because I’ve been thinking about trying new types until I find something I like, hopefully I’ll find some good suggestions on here! Oh, and saw a few posts, all seemed pretty informative and your passion for wine shines through. Keep up Le good work.


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  5. Thanks for the visit and the “like,” guys. Your subject matter is off limits for me, as I’m sure I’d love exploring what you have to say about it otherwise. Nonetheless, I do hope one or more of you come back for another visit sometime. I don’t usually post about death!


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