Why I love wine.. because it transcends class

wine label 1 cropWine has this pompous notion and romance driven by wine merchants over 100’s of years, which I love, but wine transcends class as it really comes down to the taste buds you were given.  I mean, I hate tomatoes, with a passion, I could train and learn to appreciate them (with a shot gun held to my head) but enjoyment or pleasure is not ascribed.  If your palate suits Chateau Petrus or Penfolds Grange then you will need to dig deep in your pockets.  But everyone’s palates are different as are the wine varieties and places they are made.  Every wine maker does their best with knowledge and terroir to produce their ‘masterpiece’ and if they find someone that loves what they did then the passion is passed on.

It is simply a crazy minefield for the everyday person as they stroll the aisles reading the bullshit written on labels in a quest to make us buy.  When we finally find what we have been searching for our taste buds change or evolve and something new must be found.

No matter your pallet or your budget, the enjoyment is there.  For me wine is a continual quest that just cannot stop… a journey of pure hedonistic pleasure that continually excites.

Author: Stuart



  1. I like the idea that I can enjoy an inexpensive bottle of wine without feeling the need to apologize. Not that I will.

    My brother, Richard, is a wine expert and not at all snooty. I actually feel uncomfortable drinking the great vintages because I truly don’t know WTF he’s talking about. He is currently painting an updated and extremely accurate map of the Burgundy region in France. You can see some of his work in The Wine Enthusiast over the years. This new map is going to be KILLER! Water colors. Lovely.


    • I must confess, I love to drink simple wine as it helps me to appreciate the good stuff and I do struggle with the wine language soo much…Richards map sounds awesome, I look forward to seeing it… I will keep my eye open for his work in the Wine Enthusiast too… Cheers!


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