Wine Wanker Jackets


Wine events are known for their glitz and glamour and they’re a show of extravagent style.  Men are particularly outlandish and compete for the brightest and most colourful jackets, usually grey, beige or a crazy dark blue!  At the recent 30th anniversary of the Brokenwood Graveyard vineyard I decided to go absolutely nuts and introduced a wild grey jacket with a black fleck through it, and, a black collar!  Out of control !!!

Author: Conrad



  1. Mr.Conrad, you just blinded me with that jacket. That was extravagant, you sure seem to be having a great time. Plus the contrast of the jacket with the white chair and the brown things that you put the wine in that I forgot the name in English, makes it even better.


  2. I enjoyed last year’s wine wankers and hope you indulged in some upscale champagne and had an awesome New Year’s Eve!! Hoping to stay better connected to you guys!


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