Sunday Night Tasting – When is the right time to open a Pinot Noir?

Coldstream4Trick question – It is always the right time for Pinot Noir!

To say Pinot Noir is unpredictable would be an understatement, but when it is good, WOW, simply mind blowing.  But how do you know when it is best for you? Why would you trust another person’s opinion to tell you?

Today I opened a 1990 Coldstream Hills for the Yara Valley, Australia.  A favorite wine of James Halliday (do your own research to know why).


They even date the cork!!!!

In the glass for me it was soo ‘clean’… a velvet smooth palette with a sweet component of soft leather, truffle/mushroom with a hint of olive.


The bottom line is I loved it, despite the online recommendation that it is past its best.  This made me think…  I wonder if it was past its best, perfect or still had more to go for ‘My Palette’…  So I am keen to try a vertical tasting and make my way up through the 90’s to 2000.  I will of course let you know how I go.

Author: Stuart



  1. Pinot Noir is deliciously unpredictable, though plenty of air certainly seems to help, doesn’t it? I must say I am becoming a Wine Wanker sycophant, as I find myself nodding through an awful lot of what you write.

    I would always echo your sentiment above: ‘best’- for whom? Wine is so subjective- the most intimate of decisions- the almost indecipherable architecture- I can almost always find something to rave about in most bottles… Before simply just ‘raving’…


    • Pinot Noir is a tricky grape to grow, hence the expensive prices… my advice is when you find a good one, remember the region it was grown, then buy only from vineyards in that region… You will have a good one trust me! if not use it for cooking 🙂


  2. Back home in Cote Chalonnaise, Bourgogne, if it is a Cote Chalonnaise I might wait up to 6 years for best appreciation but a great Bourgogne Pinot Noir might have to wait double.
    Alright, we are all snobs in France (and even worse in Japan!)!


  3. I’m back. Wanted to thank you for pulling me into the action on the follower count issue. Still not resolved but I appreciate your thinking of me like that. Re: the other post: I could go for some lamb right now.


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