Bogan’s Guide To Wine … the cask (wine in a box)

In one of Stuart’s first posts he told us that he likes wine because it transcends class.  Over the weekend I discovered a fine example of just how much this is true.  These guys are all class.  Kudos to The Bogan’s Guide To Wine for giving a “goon bag” a good go.  Enjoy!


The truth in all this is that wine does not need to be pompous and it can be enjoyed by anyone however they like.  I’m a fan of anyone who has passion for wine even if they don’t fully describe their love of wine in overly articulate and fancy terms.



  1. That package seems very useful instead of bottles, does it make a difference with the wine?
    Didnt thought but subtitles were needed at moments.
    You look very good in your avatar image, you should make videos too.


    • It is a very useful invention, but has traditionally been used for cheaper mass-produced wines. The De Bortoli reserve series is probably as good as it gets (hence why they chose it I am guessing).

      Oh, it would take me a huge effort to get myself even half as good looking as my Gravatar! He’s his own man, but now clearly part of the team.


  2. Oh, yes. Pompous will suck all the fun out of wine. Have I been mispronouncing Shiraz as Shiroz rather than Shirez? or is that a colloquial pronunciation?


  3. Aww fellows this is a good movie. My favorite wines ever is De Botlies casks. love them. I like the Vahdello whites too. and the Merlos. They do a great ranges.


  4. cheese…yummmm…oh, sorry. Just had a super glass of red wine with my wine wanker brother and it was fantastic. ( He wouldn’t steer me wrong and told me it was fantastic.)


  5. Guys – loved it 🙂

    Like it when you took your sunnies off, if you don’t mind me saying 🙂
    “Head of Liquids”, ha ha. Loved the dude in the back!!

    And you’re paying less money ’cause it’s in cardboard – ha ha ha.


    • Hi Sampy,

      A good show you’ve got going there! I came across your “How to be a wine wanker” episode last weekend and after going through a fair bit of your series I thought the best one to post would be the De Bortoli Premium Shiraz, considering at least half of our readers are from overseas.




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