Wishing you the best fathers day ever!

For me this Fathers Day was the perfect day.  Reading an article in James Halliday’s Wine Companion ‘Best Ever Reds’ with a bottle of an outstanding Pinot Noir…  this to me is the perfect Sunday afternoon.

Fathers day 2Yesterday some mates and I did a big run through the Australian Blue Mountains, some serious climbs and I swear I saw dinosaurs at one point, it was a brutal yet enjoyable run.  So I had earnt the day I was about to have.

Fathers day 4                      fathers day 3

Sunday started by being woken up by the kids and a super excited 2 years old slapping me on the face saying “dad I am awake!  Happy fathers day!”, followed by bacon and eggs, catching up with Conrad and his family, then mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool and washing the car (joy :().

Then I got a one hour window of opportunity…  sat on the deck watching the kids actually playing (without trying to kill each other), reading James’ wise words wishing I had the opportunity to drink those simply amazing wines, while my beautiful wife cooked roast pork (exceptionally well).

Fathers day

Main Ridge Estate Half Acre Pinot Noir is one of ‘those’ wines and is described as…..”The most sensual, perfumed and elegant of Victorian Pinot Noir, this deep, alluring and long-living wine typically builds in structure and depth of flavour with time in the bottle.” …extract from the Australian Wine Annual 2010, Jeremy Oliver.

However for me… I describe it as perfectly balanced with a slightly smokey forest floor, dry savory flavors which made it simply one of my most memorable wines EVER…  (maybe because I got an hour to actually appreciate it 🙂 )

I hope all fathers had an amazing day….

fathers day 1

And enjoyed it just as much as I have…

(I just opened a Coldstream Hills Pinot Noir, to compare…happy days)



  1. Looks like we both had a busy arvo of chores on Fathers day. After seeing you and the family I spent the afternoon preparing my veggie garden with today being the first day of spring and all. Then off for a very early dinner, before the kids turned feral, at a local steak house where I got to enjoy shite house wine! Why is wine always so rubbish in those joints? Had a great feed but.

    So I had nothing near the awesome wine experience you had on Fathers day, although I did pop open a 1972 Morris Vintage Port when we got home! Still sipping it slowly now … quite enjoyable.

    I’m glad you had a great day! I think we are one of the only countries that celebrates Fathers day today.


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