What does a gun, ice-cream and wine have in common?

All come in a magnum.  cullen magnum

I must admit taking great pleasure in magnums, both purchasing and drinking, and was asked recently why.  Interesting question.  Here are my top 10 reasons;

  1. Opening a magnum of wine illustrates commitment, this is not just a quick glass or two with your significant other, we are settling in.
  2. A magnum is like a party in a bottle, it illustrates the intentions of the opener very clearly.
  3. Great for dinner parties because it gives everyone a good crack at the wine, rather than getting a solitary glass.
  4. Because of the larger sized bottle and the resulting increased wine volume, temperature swings are smaller (more regulated) and thus the wine is more likely to have survived its years of cellaring, whether good or bad.
  5. Often good value on the secondary market because people overlook them for one reason or another.
  6. They fit in my wine fridge.
  7. They come in very cool boxes that you can collect.
  8. At a BYO restaurant if corkage is per bottle you get 2 for 1.
  9. More is better.
  10. They look cool.

Happy for any further pro-magnum thoughts.

Author: Neal



  1. How many people would you invite to drink a magnum? I suppose it depends on their level of thirst, but if each had 2 generous glasses? We received a really stupendous bottle of Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon as a wedding gift (many years ago). It held six liters, and we used a punchbowl to serve it. Definitely a party in a bottle.


  2. I am below novice status in Wine knowledge. Let me start off by saying that this is a blog I am definitely going to follow vigorously. My interest in “real” wines came after I watched “Bottle Shock”. I know, I know…but it influenced me enough to order a Chateau Montelana 2009 Chardonnay. ($250) That might not be much for a great wine, but it was for me. It was awesome. it ruined me for life. I can no longer look at a bottle of Yellow Tail anymore without a sense of snobbery. LOL!!!


  3. Anything with magnum in the name should be seriously strong, powerful and good, in my opinion. I have a S&W Model 29, “Do you feel lucky punk?”, so I’ll have to try my luck with a magnum wine. If it gives me a similar awe to the Model 29, it will be worthy of its name! I haven’t tried Magnum Ice Cream because my wife makes the best gelato outside of Italy,


  4. I seem to remember being told that all reserve wines for blending at Louis Roederer are stored in magnum…more than a million of them! If it’s good enough for Cristal, it sure as heck is good enough for me!


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