Afghan food challenge (Red wine for spice!)

I had both these wines again recently and I can confirm that they are really enjoyable wines that are the perfect match for spice!

The Wine Wankers

Les Trois CroixA BYO dinner with some friends at an Afghan joint, Bamiyan Restaurant in Five Dock, Sydney.  This place has hit the hot list after a segment on SBS’s Food Safari outed it as one of the better Afghan food experiences in town.   Always an interesting challenge to match curries and spicy food with wine, the problem magnified somewhat due to our limited knowledge of Afghan food.  The problem was solved in two very different ways that both worked.

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  1. I bet the food in the restaraunt was better than the vendor I ate at in Kabul, it was tasty but I wondered what the meat was, it did’nt taste like goat..:-)
    p.s. It tasted a bit like Kagogi in Korea..


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