Sparkling Shiraz Success

Now this is what loving wine is all about!


Yummy! I love learning something new about wine. One of my favorite wine blogs wrote about a sparkling shiraz recently and I was immediately intrigued. A what? A sparkling shiraz? Hmmmm. Here’s the link So after running around for the past two weeks, I finally got lucky and bumped into one of my favorite wine store owners, Michelle, from Cork and Cow and mentioned to her my quest. Of course she had one in the store, so I told her I would be in on Saturday. It was chilled and ready upon my arrival. That’s right. You have to love your local stores! They will love you back! Anyway, the wine wankers tasted their’s with a pizza and my lovely friend Michelle told me she enjoyed it with barbecue. hmmm again. I ordered a proscuitto and manchego flat bread with mine. It’s fabulous. It’s not a wine I would…

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  1. OMG Black Chook is delicious and deadly. Haha, fond memories of overconsuming that particular drop with a friend. Wonderful with pretty much anything on a warm summer’s day.
    And of course it is from my beloved Southern Vales.


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