Bogans Guide To Wine… 1999 Penfolds Bin 389 (the 50th episode)


The fellas over at Bogans Guide To Wine have recently celebrated their 50th episode and considering that it featured the Penfolds Bin 389, a top quality Aussie red that is available all over the world, and that I have blogged about and Neal recently tweeted about, I thought it would be very fitting to send you all their way for a good look.

A few months ago we featured an episode of Bogans Guide To Wine… The cask (wine in a box).  That was a good intro, and a bit of a laugh, but these blokes are seriously passionate about their wine and that’s why we like them.  The reason why we call ourselves The Wine Wankers is because it’s a bit of a play on the snobbery of wine and these fellas show that it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

So enjoy their 50th episode and make sure to stick around past the credits to experience The Fishbowl. LOL!!!  Chances are you’ve never seen anything like it before! 😉



  1. Fantastic! As an aside, received “Wine Spectator” as a gift last year (sometimes overwhelming- sometimes affordable suggestions). In reality I am learning more- and laughing more- reading your blog :). Happy holidays!!


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