Domino’s Pizza and a grand old Super Tuscan

I’ve enjoyed a couple more of these Super Tuscans with pizza since I first posted this on our blog so I thought I’d update and re-share. Cheers!

The Wine Wankers


Late last week I picked up the wines I’d recently won at auction and I just had to open one up on Friday night.  I don’t always drink old wines, I love young vibrant wine too, but I’m going through a phase and, for me, that’s what my wine drinking is all about.  Each phase I go through opens my mind to a deeper experience with wine, so for now my posts will be weighted towards an aged wine experience.

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  1. When I read the title I though “uggggg pizza, what a passion killer for fine wine” but when I saw the photo started salivating, my instinct was stronger. Perfect combination!


  2. Love Home Made Pizza…. Though domino’s works for the nights I can’t be bothered cooking…

    Goodness me, anybody’d think this blog was about wine 😛 Surely a Fire Engine would go better with that! *snorks*


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