A great collection of wine infographics

Here’s a collection of wine infographics that have come our way recently. Enjoy and be edumacated in wine!


a-another-wine-graphic a-basic-wine-pairing-chart-wine-folly a-Different-Types-of-Wine-Infographic-Chart3 a-how-to-open a-level-of-knowledge amountdrunk anotherwineandcheese a-truth-about-wine-prices a-Wine_Chart awineandbeerconsumption a-wine-aroma-chart a-wine-beer-pairing-full a-wine-calories awinecheatchart a-wine-corks a-wine-glasses awinevsbeer benefits of red wine Chart-temp Giro-Di-Vino   wine tasting wine-nutrition-facts-calorie-chart1 winetemps-3-fullsize

what your wine says




  1. Man! I just had a wine tasting party and wish I’d found you beforehand. This information is great! Oh, you know what this means? I need to have another wine tasting party and share some of this information!



  2. Superb post, Conrad! I don’t know diddly about wine, but I found a bottle of Yellow Tail Moscato languishing on the shelf of the only grocery in our small town…bought it…drank it…and loved it! Now I’m on my way to becoming a “Texas Wanker”!!

    Blessings Always,

    Ron Evans — http://randalane.wordpress


  3. G’day Conrad,
    At least now even though I can’t personally drink wine, thanks to your page I will now know what to serve our guests to complement their choice. 🙂


  4. Hi Conrad its been a while since I last set foot in a Celler over here (health and family bereavement) but I had a call from our friend in BATA to visit the cooperativa to see their new wines so am making arrangements to do so soon.

    The vintners here are always keen to show their wines off and how they do things going from the traditional ways to modern times. It is surprising how different the wines are from each other. The reds produced using the old concrete vats are deeper with more body where as the wine from the stainless steel vats although of good colour are lighter, fruitier and take on a little of the oak taste. They use American and French oak here.

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