A fun collection of wine chalkboards

After the success of our previous collection posts like An inspiring collection of wine quotes and A collection of fun wine images I’ve decided to put together a compilation of wine related chalkboards that have come our way via Instagram and Twitter.


100 percent chance of wine wankers

a meal without wine is called breakfast wine wankers alcohol is not the answer wine wankers booze food fun real life wine wankers brunch without booze is just a sad breakfast wine wankers coffee keeps me going until its time for wine wankers compromises are for relationships wine wankers give me coffee to change the things wine wankers i like days where the only decision is wine wankers if i dont drink how would my friends know wine wankers love the wine youre with wine wankers make ice cubes out of leftover wine wankers my head says go to the gym wine wankers no great story started by wine wankers roses are red so is my wine wankers save the earth wine wankers spilling a glass of wine wankers they say one glass of wine is good for you wine wankers we cook with wine wankerswine because its not good to keep things bottled up wine wankers wine concumed moments of brilliance wine wankers wine does not make you fat wine wankers wine is the most cicilized thing in the world wine wankers you cant buy happiness but you can buy wine wankerswill you call me wine wankers



  1. And how shall we call a breakfast with THREE! GLASSES of Vintage BRUNELLO on the Castello Romitorio property?? My dear friend Mariet just got them at 10 o’clock in the morning… and I am still wondering if she got back to Florence after that….

    Have a nice day,


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