What does a gun, ice-cream and wine have in common?

As part of our holiday re-run series here’s Neal’s take on why bigger is better! Enjoy, and we hope you are all having a great festive time!

The Wine Wankers

All come in a magnum.  cullen magnum

I must admit taking great pleasure in magnums, both purchasing and drinking, and was asked recently why.  Interesting question.  Here are my top 10 reasons;

  1. Opening a magnum of wine illustrates commitment, this is not just a quick glass or two with your significant other, we are settling in.
  2. A magnum is like a party in a bottle, it illustrates the intentions of the opener very clearly.

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  1. Unfortunately, a magnum won’t fit in my fridge, so I have to drink it in the car on the way home (not driving of course). Happy New Year! to the bunch at Wine Wankers, and especially to you, Conrad.


  2. And it takes a Methuselah to slake a village! 😉

    The addiction to the ice-cream form of Magnums is one I know very well (is there a twelve-step program for those, I wonder?), since Richard and I became obsessed with them in Europe long before they finally appeared on US shelves, and we knew we were doomed when they arrived here. Now, perhaps if they get washed down with a good wine, it’ll counterbalance the dairy indulgence in healthy ways…….



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