South America in a glass (and on a plate) – part 1

As part of our holiday re-run series here’s Neal on his grand trip to South America! This is the first of three parts so if you like the first one please read through part 2 and 3. Enjoy, and we hope you are all having a great festive time!

The Wine Wankers

clos apalta vineyardWe recently returned from a holiday in South America and thought it blog-worthy to give an overview of the food and wine experiences (in 3 parts). Obviously we had lots of other great experiences that did not revolve around food and wine, but will stick on topic and leave that for another day.  We tend to plan out a rough schedule of where we are going then spend time researching dining options, with a view to sticking to local cuisine and to establishments that have good wine cellars.


cevicheThe first dining experience fresh off a 13 hour flight was lunch at Azul Profundo in Santiago, this is a great little spot that specialises in seafood. While the interior is a little kitsch it is worth sticking it out and focusing on the food. The ceviche platter was amazing and actually the seafood highlight of the entire trip.

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