‘That’s gunna taste like horse piss!’

As part of our holiday re-run series here’s one of my first ever blog posts. I thought it was ok to describe a wine as “horse piss”. Actually, I still do! 😉 Enjoy, and we hope you are all having a great festive time!

The Wine Wankers

Well, on a global scale, clearly there’s a lot of people that still drink Lindemans.  They’ve done quite well going down the path of selling cheap Aussie plonk to the world via their Bin series.  This has probably paid off for them financially but they are guilty of helping cement the overseas reputation of Aussie wine as being cheap and basic (no, not nasty, well maybe a little, and possibly cheerful to some too).  If they had added an Aussie critter to their Bin label they would have sold even more wine.  I should have been a wine marketeer!

photo4Lindemans was actually started in 1843 by Dr Henry Lindeman who planted the very first vines in the Hunter Valley wine region.  The original vineyard is long gone and they are now located in South Australia and owned by a big corporate, Treasury Wine Estates.  So their focus has been on mass…

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  1. Oh my, I miss wine right now! It’s been a fun journey with you wankers reading about wine and getting some good information and suggestions. I have sadly had to be ” on the wagon” for the last two months due to a medication BUT I have been reading your posts and enjoying vicariously!!

    The cooler is stocked and looking forward to sharing our experiences with you all in 2015. Hope you had a wonderful New Year celebration!

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  2. Great to look back Conrad but raises a question…how was the ’85 Pyrus? That wine, along with the rest of the Coonawarra trio, Limestone Ridge and St George (I think) were some of my earliest introductions to great Australian wines. Drank the ’85 Pyrus often in the early ’90’s and loved it. So come on. Spill the beans.. and happy new year

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  3. I still know very little about wine but, thanks to your blog, I occasionally manage to astound and confuse several of my friends who do. Thank you for that! Have a Happy New Year down under and keep writing. I’m in constant need of fresh material. 🙂

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