Wine Wanker Jackets

See, look how outlandishly cool I used to dress! That jacket is way too wild for me now, I’ve settled down. It’ll be plain brown this year. Cheers! 😉

The Wine Wankers


Wine events are known for their glitz and glamour and they’re a show of extravagent style.  Men are particularly outlandish and compete for the brightest and most colourful jackets, usually grey, beige or a crazy dark blue!  At the recent 30th anniversary of the BrokenwoodGraveyard vineyard I decided to go absolutely nuts and introduced a wild grey jacket with a black fleck through it, and, a black collar!  Out of control !!!

Author: Conrad

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  1. I dont know what’s more fun, the jacket or the name of the vineyard! Maybe you should have employed the chandelier earrings to with the ensemble? That would have put you over the top.


  2. Conrad – you will be blown away by the colour and prints worn at the Pinot Celebration! At last years grand dinner there was a polkadot suit!


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