Are The Wine Wankers now part of the “industry”… really?

This is the point where we realized that we had gone from being casual fun-loving wine drinkers to being part of “the wine industry”. To be honest though, we’re still just fun-loving wine drinkers but if being part of the industry means we get to drink some good wine then we’re totally down with it! 😉

The Wine Wankers

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A strange thing happened yesterday, well actually, it happened just over 6 months ago when we started this blog.  As The Wine Wankers become more “known” (that feels a bit weird to write) people often ask how this whole caper came together.  If you’ve read my very first blog post (click here) you’d know that we sincerely kicked all this off on a whim with no other intention than to blog about our wine stories.  And if you’ve read Neal’s recent post here, you’d know that our namesake is rather ironic.

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  1. Well, don’t be too modest. You are a part of the industry because you are supporting it in many ways through your social media efforts! Don’t underestimate the way in which social media can embrace you and bring you into a wider circle (of “wine people” of all sorts, in your case) whether they are in the actual business or just enjoy a good wine! It is all one big happy family online! Congratulations!! (Enjoy your tweets too… Are you on Facebook??) And Happy New Year…


  2. Conrad; just stopping by to thank you for visiting Cry and Howl. I enjoy your blog site immensely. I don’t really drink wine but my little wife Rini does each and every night before she goes to bed. And she is all I care about (besides my Shi-Tzu, Sandy)
    Anyway, I don’t mean to intrude on your great blog site;I hope only the best for you and your family for the new year.


  3. your presence on the blogsphere is so refreshing and make all of us better wine tasters..oh well drinkers really!! HAppy new Year to you all xx


  4. Keep on doing what you all are doing! I am loving every bit of it too! I don’t follow other wine blogs at all because yours is cool, fun & very interesting too! x


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