Don’t be a wine wanker!

As part of our holiday re-run series here’s Neal’s take on how not to be a real wine wanker!

The Wine Wankers

a wine wanker at workOur regular readers would have cottoned on to the fact that our blog is lashed in irony. We are really the anti wine wanker brigade, and consistent with our Australian sense of humor it only seemed right to call ourselves what we are not.

For those not exposed to Australian humor we do have a tendency to give everyone a nickname, and often that name has somewhere in its derivation a meaning that is the opposite to reality.  Why is this so … no idea; sometimes it’s best not to question such things. Here are some examples;

Tiny – often reserved for massive men.
Stretch – used for people unusually short.
Bluey – exclusively for those with red hair.
Happy – someone with a dour taciturn disposition.

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