Vinexpo 2015 Diary (Day 3) The hangover v red carpet

With guest Wine Wanker – Sarah Phillips

We’re over half way through the world’s biggest wine show, Vinexpo 2015, and the pace seemed to have been taken up a notch today…or perhaps this was a reflection of a day started with Champagne.

Sadly, there were fewer red pants on display today, with a more conservative navy blue taking over, along with a sensible and comfy footwear selection.

I finally succumbed to the temptation, taking the red carpet across the lake to arrive at Vinexpo in style. Those who overindulged last night may not have enjoyed the experience however, as the gentle breeze had a swaying effect on the long pontoon- sea legs at the ready.

The floating red carpet - not advisable for those nursing a Vinexpo hangover
The floating red carpet – not advisable for those nursing a Vinexpo hangover

The highlights were difficult to narrow down today, with plenty of interesting characters doing the rounds:

Best feed: Without doubt, the team over at Choya with their in-house sushi chef who prepares a plate of delights on the spot to accompany the Ume Fruit Wine. Ume is similar in taste to an apricot, with the wine developed especially to match to sushi. Delightful.

Ume Fruit Wine
Ume Fruit Wine

Trend setters: Pyla Vodka, the local drop, have caught on to the outrageously big gluten free market and are declaring their vodka to be officially sans gluten.

Vodka that will make you skinny?
Vodka that will make you skinny?

Overplayed marketing: The official water sponsor, Abatilles- great water for sure, but ‘Le Grand Cru de L’Eau’ ? Hmmm…. (I do hope we have a selection of different terroir and vintages next time!)

It's water - but not as you know it!
It’s water – but not as you know it!

Consistent winners: The DigiZone has not only served as a welcoming spot for bloggers to recharge, but its also delivered fantastic presentations. The 2008 Champagne Lanson on tasting this morning may have also influenced me…

Prettiest stand:  This is a tough one, as there are plenty of grand examples (many of which however are designed to discourage you from entering). But, the grand olive tree centrepiece of Bernard Magrez did it for me. He’s known for buying 800 year old versions, and tells me that it’s their symbol of strength that appeals to him. A little bit of nature in a sea of constructs is certainly refreshing.

Note to self - a tree will always make your exhibit stand out from your competitors.
Note to self – a tree will always make your exhibit stand out from your competitors.

The day finished with a well earned sit at one of my favourite wine bars in Bordeaux…..called Wine Bar. A crew of Piedmonte producers had also settled in here after a day of meet and greets, and were happy to share their wares. Like their impressive facial hair, the Fabio Gea 2009 Barbaresco was also remarkable- vinified (and trademarked) in porcelain!


Roll on Vinexpo, you strange, fascinating beast.



  1. Where are you staying?

    In regards to food do you get plenty in supplied by exhibitors or in the conference activities? There doesn’t seem to be that many food outlets at the venue.


    • I live in Bordeaux, but have been having lunch at Vinexpo- there are a few decently priced ones if you look around. Many of the bigger stands have chefs inside to cater for client meetings as well!


  2. The floating red carpet looks like it would be really fun to walk across. There are some things I don’t like no matter how hard I try — beer is one, sushi is another. Le Wine Bar looks like a delightful place. I’m looking forward to your next installment.


    • Horses for courses, right Timothy?! It’s oysters for me, I just can’t come around to them. Le Wine Bar is definitely one of my top spots in Bordeaux, wonderful fresh Italian-style antipasti and a wine list to impress.You should plan a visit!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m not a big fan of oysters either. When we make it back to France. We will have to visit Bordeaux for sure!


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