A $42 bottle of Australian wine has increases 4,662% in just 2 months

When the 2014 Serrat Yarra Valley Shiraz Viognier was released it cost a mere $42.  It is now commanding $2,000 at auction.  That is the power of being crowned James Halliday’s 2016 Wine of the Year.

“I wouldn’t be buying it at $200 a bottle, I would be buying it at $42 a bottle,” James told The Wine Wankers when we spoke to him on the day of the announcement.  James went on to say that owners Tom and Nadege Carson have resisted increasing the price upon winning the award. They will not price gouge – they will still sell the wine at $42.  Except they have zero supplies left to sell.  Now that some have escaped on to the auction market, crazy prices are ensuing.

Tom Carson holding $10,000 worth of wine! Picture: Zoe Phillips
Tom Carson holding $10,000 worth of wine! Picture: Zoe Phillips

Winemaker Tom Carson, who is also behind the esteemed label Yabby Lake, explains how crazy things got after he won the award.  “To explain the sheer size of what’s happened to us, straight after the release of James Halliday’s Wine Companion, we have received more than 4000 emails, a few hundreds faxes before lunch time Wednesday 29th and non-stop phone calls the week that followed.”

Why so expensive?  It’s because only 200 dozen bottles were made.  And considering a lot was drunk at the official awards dinner, even less now sits within the hands of the buying public.

The crazy price occurred at one of the first auctions where the wine has been offered for sale. The Waste Not Want Not gala dinner was raising funds for SecondBite’s game-changing food rescue program.

Whether you pay $42 or $2000 is irrelevant, the reason why you will pay through the nose is because this wine is bloody rare.  Good luck finding a bottle – and if you do, invite me over for a glass!

You want this - really bad!!
You want this – really bad!!


  1. How can you bear to drink something you paid thousands of dollars for and is so rare and unusual? Then again, how can you bear not to drink something that will clearly be a grand wine experience? I guess I’m a little glad my financial situation precludes my being faced with such decisions.


  2. I think I would like this Serrat wine, which sounds like a semi dry red wine. I really prefer reds so instead of buying the Pinot, I would have purchased the Shiraz. It is fun to imagine buying a wine that would increase so quickly in value. Smiles, Robin


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