We’re a finalist for the Digital Communicator of the Year!


Awesome! This isn’t an award for being the biggest wankers in wine, an accolade we’d surely be in the running to win, but up against stiff competition, this is a well proper and prestigious mainstream wine industry award.

It’s an amazing honour to be listed as a finalist for the (Australian) 2015 Wine Communicator of the Year Awards’ Digital Communicator of the Year. It’s acknowledgement of our service to the world’s wine loving community, one in which we love very much!

The thing is, this is mainstream and we’re not. To be honest, if we were mainstream we wouldn’t be in this position. However, it’s not like we are intentionally anti-establishment either. We don’t try to be anything at all other than passionate wine lovers. Even our name, although a bit cheeky and a little offensive, was a spur of the moment creation. We’re wine wankers in an ironic sense and being self-deprecating is the Aussie way. Luckily for us, hundreds of thousands of you around the world are happy to be part of it!

Conrad and Drew - Wine Wankers!
Conrad and Drew – Wine Wankers!

Our wine communication is natural and we hope it expresses the joy we get from both the wine experiences we have and from all the wine lovers we connect with on social media. We exist in a world of wine that is free of the constraints of mainstream wine communication; and we love it! I don’t come from a wine industry background. I’m just a wine lover with a passion and want to share that energy with the wine loving world. Drew has always talked about wine in a very unorthodox way hence why he is the perfect Wine Wanker. We’re just lucky we have such a great medium to express ourselves.

It’s very interesting how the judges have summed us up Their content is well-tailored and they clearly know how to get their message out to the masses. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but what they do, they do well and with passion and fun thrown into the mix“.

Shucks! I’d like to think that comment is spot on and even the “It’s not everyone’s cup of tea” suits us perfectly. We’re not, but we are honoured and humbled that we have one of the most engaged followings within the digital wine world; that all of you have embraced our fun and enjoyable cup of lightly spiced tea.

I’d like to wish the best of luck to all finalists across all of the award categories. I’m sure they have dedicated themselves to the world of wine at least as equally as ourselves; although I’ve never met any of them and interestingly not many of them follow us. I think that in itself says a lot about how different we are and how our angle has developed so independently.

Here’s our fellow Digital Communicator of the year finalists, make sure to check them out as we wish them all the best!

Cake Wines

Samantha Payne

Tyson Stelzer

Whether or not we win this award, being a finalist is an acknowledgement of our dedication to the world of ‘social media’ wine and demonstrates a growing acceptance of our unique place within the wine communication fraternity. It’s also acceptance of the rapidly developing wine loving social media landscape, one rich with expressive people just like ourselves. We know who you are and we share your passion!

If we do win this award, does that mean we’ve become mainstream? That would be as ironic as being named The Wine Wankers!

Author: Conrad Grah



      • I know what you mean, Conrad. Blogging is more time consuming than anyone thinks, and throw in maintaining social media and a full-time job…you get the picture 😉 Take care, be good, soldier on and one day catch up over a drink or two 🙂


  1. Congratulations on making it into the finalists and hoping you WIN, dear Wine Wankers! Is there a place to vote? Can we let them know somewhere? I must re-read this wonderful newsy post! Hugs and more hugs, xo from Robin

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  2. Congratulations, and hope you win. You definitely have captured my attention as many others would be my guess who have never been into the wine world, but the way you guys write about it, seeing you passion as well as making it a fun and interesting read it sure, again, captures the attention to even those who have never been “in touch” with the wine world.

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  3. Congrats our friends!! What an unbelievable and well-deserved honor. That one line you wrote sums it all up. “We don’t try to be anything at all other than passionate wine lovers.” That’s why you’re in the running for this award. When you do something, anything with passion, it comes across as sincere and people love it!! That’s why your blog has done so well & is loved. So, when can we find out? Sorry, are we getting ahead of ourselves. Just excited to know. Crossing our fingers and awaiting the news!! xoxo 😉

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  4. Congrats! Wow what an achievement. I can imagine it’s really touching to be recognised for your efforts on an industry level.

    I guess nothing is everyone’s cup of tea (or glass of wine, har har!), so it is impossible to please everyone. But clearly you’re all doing something very right!

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