The coolest wine rack you can buy

Let’s face it – wine racks can be downright ugly.  Trust me, I’ve done my fair share of Googling! Most look like they’re relics of the 70s, when wrought iron homewares and shitloads of wood were considered chic!  Because I’m setting up a new home in Stockholm, the design capital of the world, this was never going to be an option!

In December, the Wine Wankers released our 2015 list of must have Christmas presents.  I must’ve been a good boy, because Santa (ie – my credit card) gifted me my favourite item – the Stact Wine Wall!  No longer would my wine samples clog up the hallway at home.

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I was considering two other modular wine racks. The Wine Hive looks awesome, and the Cheers Weinregal was really cool too, but for me, Stact stood out because my wine collection could become art.

Like all great ideas these days, Stact was born from crowdfunding.  When it was launched, the Canadian-designed system was an instant hit, reaching its initial Kickstarter goal in just 40 hours.  It was even awarded #1 Kickstarter design product by Huffington Post’s StyleList.

Stact is modular, so you can mix and match colours as you desire, and the tiles can be shaped to suit the space you live in.  There’s nine different wood veneer and lacquer finishes to choose from, and I’m told the metal prongs are made from aircraft-grade anodised aluminium… whatever that means! It’s easy to install, but I as didn’t want to take any risks, I called in the handymen to help me set it up properly and efficiently.  My display took one hour to install between three people.  Check out the time-lapsed video I took on my iPhone 6.

What do you think!?



  1. Very cool design indeed! Aircraft grade is the best aluminum you can buy, so it’s nice and sturdy, and anodizing is an electrochemical way to deposit an even, long lasting, good looking color to the metal. So no paint to chip off. Translation? Quality product that won’t wear out quickly.

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  2. I have one word – wow! My husband and I have just moved also and have been thinking about wine storage systems for our collection but haven’t really started looking yet. And here’s a fabulous find – thanks! Best of all, we live in Canada. 🙂 Crowdfunding is great.

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  3. Looks fine, but I question the wisdom of having wine in a room with variable temp., light, and vibration- the natural enemies of wine. Also, how hard/easy is it to lose booze if u clip it with yr shoulder in passing?


  4. That’s awesome. My wine rack is actually a decorative woden case that hangs on the wall. It only holds six bottles. I can’t imagine having something that nice and that size. Perhaps in the future. Lovely post indeed. Sharing this now.

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