How to match sweet wines with desserts

Our post on how to match sweet wines with dessert

The Wine Wankers

The most important rule to remember when matching wine and desserts is that a sweeter wine is always better.  Wine that doesn’t have ample sugar levels will invariably taste thin and tart.

Botrytis affected wines fit the bill nicely. Late harvest wines generally aren’t as sweet as their Botrytis cousins, but still offer excellent matching with lighter desserts.

Another wine you should consider is a Moscato.  This fruity sweet semi-sparkling white wine is low in alcohol (around 5 per cent) and is heaven when drunk with fresh fruit and other light fruity desserts.

wine wankers 20150120_185610 The ‘Chocolate’ – a crisp dark chocolate sphere filled with macerated cherries in cherry curd

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  1. Oh how I love this post! I didn’t know that the sweeter wines would go so nicely with desserts, for I’d have thought the sweetest might have canceled the other. 🙂 I learn something new daily for sure! Your blog space is spicy and quite lovely!

    All the best in wines!


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