What #wine did you enjoy during the week? Here’s The Wine Wankers’ top 12!

It’s been a crazy/busy week for Conrad and I.  Crazy busy – as in we’ve been drinking more wine than water!  We’ve been matching wine with oysters, wine with burgers, European wines with European food and experimenting wine options with Middle Eastern cuisine.   Why do we do this?  Because of YOU!!!  That’s right, we drink a lot, so you can make a beeline for the best wines at your bottle shop – those that are Wine Wanker approved!!  🙂

Let us know, in the comments section below the wines you’ve enjoyed recently.




  1. Some nice wines amongst that selection. I have had a few wines from Orange and really like what they have to offer. I also like Logan’s and Belgravia.
    Don’t forget the Sydney Cellar door is on this weekend in Hyde park as part of the NSW wine festival, good chance to try more of NSW’s finest.

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  2. Pretty sure I need a wine-tasting trip to Australia. We have some amazing stuff here in Southern California, and we can typically find a good selection of Australian wines in the shops, but it’s time for an in-person sampling! 😉

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  3. The labels on the McWilliams bottles are beautiful! I just met a winemaker, Emmanuel of Tour de Campanets, at Provence in the City…she designs her own labels and they are made of a special material that won’t shrivel or dissolve in water… the details are never lost on me!

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  4. I like a good cheese and crackers tray with almost any wine you would choose. 😀 A good Cab, a delicious merlot, or a pinot noir, bring me joy and trying to stick to red, but rose and white cross my drinking path. Wonderful instagram photos. I am on wordpress and Linked In. Smiles, Robin

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