What’s the best #wine you’ve drunk this week? Here’s our top 12!

It’s the weekend… bring on the wine! Here’s our top 12 recent wines. We’d love to hear from you in the comments about the good wines you’ve come across recently.

Drew and Conrad Grah



  1. Um, yum!! We’ve had a crazy kid-activity-filled week, so it’s been about grocery store wine. But I’ve found one that I really like, Josh Cellars Legacy Red. On the Chard side, it’s all about Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay. Happy Weekend!

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    • Another exciting week on the wine front with a mixture of whites, reds and sparklings hitting the spot…
      From Petersons I really enjoyed their Old Block Shiraz, Sauvigon Blanc and Sparkling Moscato. Also had a Yarrawa Estate Chardonnay which was very nice
      I put a Gooree Park Shiraz in the decanter last night and will deal that tonight…

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  2. […] The Wine Wankers…..mmmm…wine….Bucket list item is to go to Australia and drink Australian wine. I’m keeping a list based on their posts. What’s your favorite wine you’ve had this week? I’m obsessed with Legacy red from Josh Cellars right now. It’s a grocery store, nothing special happening kind of wine, but hey, that’s my life right now. […]

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  3. I’m in Italy on a budget for three months: Campo di Sassa Bibbona 2014 – a sophisticatedly rounded red bought in euros, thinking dollars; Fossolupaio Rosso di Montepulciana 2013 – a civilised tipple; and Santa Cristina, Toscana, a good quaffing red blend from Cortona in Tuscany.

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