The best wines to drink this Easter

It’s the Easter long weekend – and that means lots of free time to catch up with friends, have long lunches, and partake in your favourite pastime – drinking wine!

Conrad and I have been travelling up a storm over the past couple of weeks; Conrad venturing through Victoria’s wine country, while I’ve been drinking my way through London, and now my new home-town, Stockholm.  Here are our top selections to drink this Easter…




  1. A human body contains about 6 liters of blood.
    Jesus told us to drink wine as if it was his blood.
    I bought me 6 liters of delicious wine for tomorrow.
    Guess I really caught the essence of Easter this year!

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  2. I got a New York wine, Heron Hill Dry Reisling, to bring to Easter dinner at my mom and dad’s house. I found it at a tasting at a local liquor store, and they said it paired well with ham. Of course, Mom is also making a rolled roast beef, so perhaps I should have gotten something else as well…

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