The top 12 wines we enjoyed this week!

I’ve mostly been tasting at home this week, my favourite place to enjoy good wine. Drew, on the other hand, had his first experience tasting wine at the Systembolaget, Sweden’s government run alcohol bureaucracy. If you live in Sweden all alcohol is controlled through the Systembolaget from wholesale purchase right down to the liquor stores. As they state, they exist for one reason: To minimize alcohol-related problems by selling alcohol in a responsible way, without profit motive.

If you’re a wine writer like Drew, you officially can only taste wine at the events put on by the Systembolaget. The one benefit though is that the agency does invite wine writers to taste every single wine that is sold in Sweden. Now there’s the fun bit!

We’d love to hear about the wine you’ve enjoyed this week in the comments below.

Here’s our top 12 wine experiences for the week –




  1. I like sweeter wines so the prosecco and the port would be nice with dessert. Pinot Noir either white or red sounds great with dinner, depending on the entree. Thanks for being around my blog lately! Have you ever tried Pink Catawba wine from Ohio catawba grapes, (I think~ ha ha!)
    I have been making a lot of whole wheat pasta with fresh vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes. . . ) and onions, with red wine vinegar and a little olive oil. Like a more filling version of a salad!

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