Wine-A-Palooza – the best wines we’ve drunk this week

Forgive me dear reader for I have sinned.  It’s been two weeks since our last blog post – and it’s completely my fault; I’ve been CRAZY BUSY!  Try relocating to another country (Sweden), learning all about the local wine scene, deciphering labels in a foreign language, discovering new wines and grape varieties you never knew existed, being flown to the south of France – just to taste wine, and all while doing a 40 hour work week in your real job!

Meanwhile, Conrad has hightailed it out of Sydney and is currently drowning in Argentina’s best Malbecs.  Why do we do this – we love wine.  It’s that simple.  And every wine we post – is 100% Wine Wanker approved.  Drink up – the weekend is here.

[let us know what wines you’ll be drinking this weekend.]



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