The Wine Wankers top 12 recent wine adventures!

I’ve been able to spend a bit of time catching up on the Aussie wine I’ve got stocked up at home but I’m still very much reminiscing about my recent trip to the wine regions of Argentina. It was amazing and I was able to gather up so much material. Translated, that means I drank a lot of good wine. I was blown away by the quality and focus of the Argentinian wine scene. They’re definitely onto it!

And Drew has just returned from his whirlwind trip to the London Wine Fair. Lucky bloke! Drew also experienced the best Sauvignon Blanc he has had this year, just in time for Sauvignon Blanc day!

Here’s our top 12 recent wine adventures as posted to Instagram. Let us know what wine you’ve been enjoying!





    • There sure are some interesting English sparklers out there these days. Well worth trying if you get the chance. (And I’m not just saying that cos I’m a Brit!)

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      • I’m a Brit too, but in the past we just wouldn’t have thought of opting for English wines. But times change and we’re always ready to try something people are recommending. Thanks for that!

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      • There really are some great options, plus prices are getting better and better. Even seeing some in my home county of Suffolk now like Giffords Hall and Wyken. Fantastic with some local seafood too!

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  1. Thanks for the follow! You guys are one of my favorite Instagram accounts, so I am excited to start reading your blog as well 🙂

    Everything I’ve read about your background story gives me hope and confirmation that wine culture is where I want to re-direct my career focus!

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  2. Reading about the Wine Wankers adventures used to be fun, like taking a road trip with some of your mates. Now it’s pretty pictures of wine and self promotion. Sold out for those free bottles to sample? I think so! It was good while it lasted. Good bye gentlemen. Val


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