The best 12 wines we’ve drunk this week

Boy – have we tasted some epic wines over the past two weeks!  It’s finally starting to heat up in Sweden, which means everyone’s attention is turning to picnics and outdoor drinking. Consider this – the sun now rises at 4am, and doesn’t set until way past 9pm.  And it’s only going to get lighter!  Back home in Sydney, Conrad is having one of the warmest introductions to winter ever – it’s still beach weather!  Let us know what kind of drinking weather it is in your part of the world.  And if you’re looking for some inspiration; these Wine Wanker approved libations will set you on the right path….



  1. Hi! Summer just started in my neck of the woods…that is, South Florida. I’ve been craving a good Rosé lately. Any suggestions? I’m not a fan of too sweet or too dry wines. I’m more of a happy medium type of girl. 😀

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