Does this automatic wine aerator actually work?

We get sent lots of wine toys to play with, and many offer grand claims about making wine taste better.  Case in point – The Aervana, the world’s first automatic wine aerator.  It promises to aerate your wine in seconds!!    Baloney – I hear you say!?  Of course we had to put it to the test – a blind taste test.

I had no idea whether this would work or not – in fact, I was actually hoping the blind taste test would turn out to be a big fizzer, revealing the two wines tasted completely the same.  ‘Take that Aervana – your wine contraption is a ruse!!’

Sadly, I cannot say that – because the red wine we tested (Majella Coonawarra Malleea 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz Blend) actually did taste noticeably better when siphoned through the Aervana.  There was no testing the gadget off camera before we started our experiment – what you see is my natural reaction – and surprise!

How does it work?

According to its manufacturers, who took five years to design it, its all about quick exposure to air under pressure. They say it so much better than me…

“We are the world’s first electric wine aerator. Air is injected under pressure into a narrow flow of wine through the tube to maximize and focus the exposure of the wine to bubble surface. The air exposure is 6 times greater than gravity fed funnel style aerators. It is focused on just the wine that flows through the device and into your glass for the fastest aeration in the world. It has the capacity to dispense fully aerated wine at 4 ounces(114m) / every 2 seconds. The Aervana is designed to leave wine sediment in the bottle unlike the funnel style where the wine would need to be decanted using traditional methods. Plus there is no lifting, holding, aiming and spilling.”

For US$100, you get

      • a cool talking point at your next dinner party,
      • a contraption that actually works,
      • the ability to serve the wine in the same bottle it was cellared in – even if it’s 50 years old – forget using decanters and having to wash them up after every service
      • You no longer have to wait for a wine to breathe – this is instant!
      • There’s no constant tipping of the bottle to serve; so if there is sediment, it will always remain at the bottom of the bottle.  Note: the tube sits just above the sediment so it won’t be siphoned up in to your glass.

Disclaimer: The Wine Wankers have not been paid to test this product – but we did get to keep it!  🙂

If you distribute a wine gadget you’d like us to test drive or have a test drive suggestion, send us a Facebook message or leave a comment below.

Cheers, Drew





  1. For most wines the dissolved gas in particular Cardon Dioxide play a big role in the balance of the wines palate, these devices can “de-gas” and change this balance. Vacuum stoppers can have the same effect. The results and drinking experience may vary depending on the wine.

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  2. As a chef, I do dislike the unnecessary pretension that I read in some wine blogs. So it was both refreshing and informative to find your blog, and the schoolboy in me loves the title and your tagline, keep it up wankers!

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  3. America’s Test Kitchen has found that if you put the wine in a blender for 45 seconds at high speed it will improve the taste of the wine. I did a blind test with several friends and they could not believe the difference in flavor, body and bouquet.

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    • Wait Wait, it is just aerating the wine. Passing the wine back and forth in a glass 4 times does the same thing. It is not a portal, that changes crap wine into good wine. It would just become crap aerated wine. Do some wines need air to open up and taste better? yes. You just picked one that need some air. But some wines (old wine especially) should NOT be aerated, they will taste oxidized too lean and fall apart. So take an older Pinot Noir or a wine that does not need air and send it thru your thingy, and the wine will taste WORSE. Cheers, the 2 glass thing is way cheaper.

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  4. Wow! Pretty amazing, at least the looks and performance on the table! I’d love to try it out…!

    Posts like this (video trying and so on) make such a difference…Keep it up!


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