If you love #wine, you’ll love what we’ve been drinking lately

Boy, are we a bunch of travelling Wine Wankers this year!  Conrad’s currently in Greece – so expect lots of beautiful wines from that part of the world over the next week, and Drew is preparing to fly to Texas in three weeks to taste their local wines.  Meanwhile, we’ve encountered stacks of delicious wines recently that we know you’re gonna love.  Check ’em out below.  And let us know in the comments what wines you’ve been drinking lately!




  1. Texas? Awesome. You’ve gotta let me know what you think of our great state!! I’m in Dallas, which is not near our wine region but if you’re coming this way please let me know. Also, if you need winery recommendations please let me know.


      • A few of my favorite wineries are Pedernales Cellars, Calais, Wedding Oak, Spicewood, and Duchman. If you are going to Austin I am going to connect you with Denise Clark and Matt McGinnis on Twitter. They both live in Austin, are totally fun, and are very involved in the TX wine and spirits industry. You will LOVE Austin! My daughter lives there. She goes to UT. We go there a lot. Lots of great food. Can’t wait to see you photos.


  2. Yes! Let us know for Texas. It’s a little far if you are going to the Llano, but if you are heading to Fredricksburg, or somewhere Hill Country related, I would hike out to support ya’ll.

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