The Wine Wankers’ latest top 12 wines!

Here’s the best of the wines we’ve enjoyed lately. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a few of them around your way. Make sure you let us know what wine you’ve been drinking, we do love to hear about it!



    • Ahhh, Mike, the answer isn’t that simple. As you know, I’ve got 6 and 4 year old boys and as a sign of maturity we’ve somehow evolved into a family that has “nights”. Thankfully, there’s pizza night to counter “No Meat Mondays”.

      Now the Pizzas. They’re a measure of both our laziness and tightness. Sometimes, when we’re feeling all energetic and shit, we make our own dough and pile in loads of Greek yogurt. Those bases are absolutely beautiful but hard work. Otherwise we use bought bases or Lebanese bread/pita. The toppings on those are simple, usually just a spread of paste and sauce with a handful of grated cheese and a bit of ham and olives.

      Then there’s the bought ones like in this photo. There’s 3 types we go for depending on mood and spend. There’s the super-value big chain, the mid-style gourmet chain (like this one) then the proper local Italian dudes that are $$$. We have so many to choose from. It’s pizza heaven where I live.

      Not sure if I’ve answered your question dude! Still reminiscing about catching up at your commune in Piemonte, and the pizza we had of course…


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