Wine Wankers Photo Competition – time for you to vote!

We were hoping to whittle it down to a final Top 10 – but the caliber of entries was so high, we settled on a Top 15.  There’s a mix of serious, and not so serious.  Kinda like us!

Voting is simple – who wins, is up to you! And we’d love to hear your thoughts on these photos below.

The winner will be the photo with the most likes on Facebook.  If you especially love one photo, be sure to share the link with your friends and followers.  We’ve included the link under each finalist below, so you can copy and paste it to other social media channels.  You can vote for more than one picture – just hit the like button.

If the photo receives likes on other social media channels (eg – twitter, or Instagram), these will not count towards the final judgement.

If you love these pics, make sure you follow the person on their Instagram account.  And don’t forget to leave a comment under the Facebook post.  I’m sure they would love to hear from you!

Voting closes at 11pm (23:00) Sunday 26 February (Sydney, Australia time).

The winner of our competition will receive 6 x bottles of prized d’Arenberg  wines from McLaren Vale, including 2 x bottles of the iconic Dead Arm Shiraz!

Good luck to our finalists!

[Click on the photo below and you will be taken to its Facebook voting page.]


Please let us know your thoughts

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