Why would a wine related business want to partner with The Wine Wankers

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With a name like ours why would a winery or wine marketer/advertiser want to partner with The Wine Wankers or have us sample and feature their wines?  Simply put, we have become one of the biggest and most popular wine identities on social media being the most engaging and influential in the world across Twitter and Facebook (according to Kred, see below).

The irony of our namesake has helped create a very engaging environment that people who come across us do not forget!  You could choose to be offended by our namesake or you could embrace it in the fun and entertaining manner that many of our very engaged followers have.

Since July 2014, The Wine Wankers have been rated as one of the top 5 most influential wine people in the whole world on social media (now sitting about 3rd overall, but number 1 across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+ combined).  For the July 2014 top 100 most influential wine people, please read this blog post.

We have also been rated as one of the top online wine entities in the world by Social Vignerons EU, Exel Wines UKThe Wine Hub USA, and VinePair USA. In 2015 we were one of the four finalists for Australian wine communicator of the year!

As a little exercise please Google the following terms to see how we rank… “wine blog” “Australian wine blogs” “international wine blog” “best wine blog ever”.  Our Google ranking is all natural and organic, we haven’t used any specialists or paid any money to achieve this.  It is plain and simply because our blog is lucky to have a great following.

Our social media ranking

wine wankers have a very high kred score for wine 2
How we appear on Kred as at late October 2014.  Click the image for more detail.

Our social media ranking is very high and our scores across several ratings agencies easily puts us within the top 0.1% of social media identities in the whole world. This is extremely high for those involved within the wine industry and probably places us ahead of all other wine blogs and bloggers internationally. (Just a note, we love reading other wine blogs. Although they may not have the exposure we do there are some great ones out there.)

klout 82 iconAs of May 2016 our Klout score is 82! (putting us in the top few wine identities on the net and across the globe, only surpassed by Wine Spectator magazine and Jancis Robinson).  A Klout score of 40 is the average and a score of 63 puts you within the top 5% of social media identities in the world.


As of May 2016 our Global Kred score is an extremely high 988/1000 with an outreach of 10/12 and a whopping score of 1000/1000 on the topic of wine. This is THE HIGHEST Kred score for wine on the world-wide Internet! We were also the first wine entity to score a perfect 1000 on the topic of wine.  A Kred score of 750 puts you into the top 1% of social media identities in the world and a score of 800 puts you within the top 0.1%, so we rate extremely high, especially on the topic of wine.

Our Blog

The best thing about our blog, from our point of view, is that we are lucky to have a great bunch of regular followers who really like to engage with us… they are what make the blog as successful as it has been!

The best thing about our blog, from a winery or wine marketing point of view, is that our blog posts rank very highly on Google and relevant search terms pumped into google will land you at our blog either on the first page of results or close to.  As an example search “tyrrell’s vat 9” and we are on the first or second page.  Search “brokenwood graveyard” and it’s about the same, as too is “wine auctions”.  So if we feature your wines and someone in the future searches for that wine they will land at our page.  And we only ever feature wine that we enjoyed otherwise it’s just not written about.

Our blog is hosted on WordPress, the largest blogging platform in the world, and our blog would be one of the more popular blogs, not just for wine.  Many bloggers “like” and comment on our posts and you’d be hard pressed to find another wine blog with the same level of activity.  Our readers also follow our recommendations as can be seen by clicking here for example.

As of May 2016 we have almost 500,000 followers across all of our social media platforms and the vast majority of these followers receive updates and notifications from our blog.  These aren’t just silent or fake/bought followers they are ALL real, obtained organically, and many actively participate in our social media activities and are great fun.  We are lucky to have them along for the ride!


Twitter has absolutely taken off for us and as of May 2016 we have over 325,000 followers making us the largest wine specific tweeter in the world.  This is now growing at 500-1000 per day!  Our twitter feed is extremely active and engaging and many tweeters have joined in on our feed by either retweeting our material or by tweeting wine material to us which we on-share to everyone.  We believe people enjoy being part of the Wine Wankers Twitter action.  We are extremely lucky to have attracted a fun bunch of wine lovers from the very knowledgeable to the average drinker.

We are more often than not ranked as the number one #wine tweeter in the world according to HASHOFF.com, a system that ranks hashtags in tweets.  Please see the image at very top left of this page.  It shows that over a 24 hour period we tweeted out 11 times using the hashtag #wine and were retweeted 695 times by other tweeters.  And looking at the #wine image rankings in the second image at the top of this page we not only had the most retweeted #wine image the second most retweeted #wine image was from someone quoting a previous image we’d tweeted.

If you look at the image from Kred above, under the title “Our social media ranking”, you will see that we had more than 1000 actions in 24 hours.  What this means is that we had an extremely high amount of activity with people tweeting about us, to us, retweeting us and mentioning us.  We almost always have more than 1000 actions each day.  It demonstrates a very engaged twitter feed.


As you can see from the image above, we get retweeted a lot and on that particular day we were one of the most retweeted people in the world.

Even when we are not the number one wine tweeter in the world, we still have a load of activity going on and rate up towards the top.  Each of our tweets are viewed by thousands of people with a verifiable average impression/view count per tweet of 20,000+. Some tweets receive 40,000+ impressions.

Twitter impressions May 2016
We average 8 tweets per day and these achieved 5 million views through May


As of May 2016, we have 120,000 followers on Instagram.  This social medium is now growing rapidly for us.  Our images often get 1000+ likes or more with an estimated average impression/view count of 20,000+.

wine wankers instagram sales blog post jan

Facebook and Google+

Towards the end of 2014 we began to put some extra effort into our Facebook page. This has paid off and has become a Wine Wankers medium with its own special vibe that has attracted a growing following of 18,000 people as of May 2016.

At the end of 2014 we launched our Google+ page and as of May 2016 this has around 6,000 people following along.

So if a winery or related business partners with The Wine Wankers, or has us feature their samples, the international exposure will be unique and special.  😉

If you are interested in getting on board please check out our Promotions page and our Samples Policy.