Advertising & Promotions

Please note – The Wine Wankers no longer do paid promotional posts across any of our channels and haven’t done so since 2016 (all wine related and declared). It just doesn’t work for us. We receive no financial compensation for any of our material. We have decided to leave this page here for historical reasons.



The Wine Wankers are now partnering with wine, alcohol and food related businesses to help them promote their company, products and events. To safeguard everyone’s reputation, and to help make sure that the work we do delivers results, here is our Advertising and Promotions policy –

  • We will not accept cash for comment. All paid content will be declared, or made obvious that it’s paid content, so that our followers are clear on what is our own work and what is paid for. This is THE most important part of our policy.
  • All paid posts on our social media will be declared with relevant hashtags like #ad #spon #promo or via a link to a blog post where disclosure is made. Sometimes this may not be practical on Twitter due to character limits.
  • You can be assured that if there’s no declaration it is our own organic work except on Twitter where very occasionally there is no room for extra hash tags.
  • Any opinion we pass of our own on paid material will be light.
  • We will not give paid material any form of rating and will not offer our own technical opinion.
  • All comments made on our social media remain unless they are deemed offensive.