We love wine, and we love tasting it! All wines that feature as a review/tasting on The Wine Wankers have been tasted (and fallen in love with) by either Conrad and Drew. We won’t ever review a wine that we haven’t tasted personally, so if you would like us to feature your wine – the best way to win us over, is for either of us to taste it! And you can do that by sending us a sample or inviting us to your wine region or a restaurant where your wine is poured (we travel a lot and love snapping pics of wine with food!).

Conrad is based in Sydney, Australia, and Drew is in Stockholm, Sweden. Sending wine to Conrad is easy, sending wine to Drew is more difficult and we recommend you get your local Swedish distributor to send it to avoid huge tax importation fees. If you don’t already import to Sweden, contact Drew and we can sort something out!

Our followers are a diverse group and are spread across the globe – we may be Australian, but our followers are evenly divided across North America, UK and Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, continental Europe, Australia and to a lesser extent, Asia, the Middle East, South America and the rest of Africa.

Please note: as our popularity has grown, so too have the amount of wine samples we have been receiving. We apologise if we can’t give every sample we receive some love, but we will always try and do our best with the most delicious wines.

Wineries featured on The Wine Wankers benefit by being exposed to one of the most engaged audiences in the wine world.  We are currently ranked #3 globally for wine – read about this ranking here.

Where to send samples/invitations: contact us at and we will send you our address details. Please also state whether you want to send samples to Drew or Conrad.

You can contact us via our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook links on our home page.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand this policy!

Conrad and Drew