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A lot has changed with The Wine Wankers since we first wrote our samples policy, a policy originally designed around our blog.  Our social media presence outside of the blog is now much bigger than the blog itself so our policy now revolves around mentioning samples on social media with the blog just being an extension of that presence. A single social media post may get 20,000+ views alone!

Here’s our process –

– We will test out the sample as soon as is practically possible considering existing workload. The amount of samples we receive is growing so it may not be practical for us to sample everything we are sent. We will endeavour to do our best!

– Due to the large amount of samples we receive we can’t possibly feature everything we try but, again, we will do our best especially if the wine is extra special.

– If we don’t like a sample, or don’t think it fits in with our image, we just won’t mention it.  We’re a fun wine entity and only care about the joy wine brings to people. As stated above, we just don’t have the capacity to mention everything so it’s only the good gear that we share with everyone. If we mention a sample it’s because we think people should know about it.

– When we mention a sample it may not be practical for us to mention it on all our media at once and it may only be mentioned on a selection of our media.

– Our blog is still a very important part of our overall social media presence but it is now a smaller part than the other social media.  Our blog is about fun wine stories.  We don’t want the blog to become a general wine review site.  Blog posts of the samples we receive will only be created if the samples end up being part of a greater story.  Therefore, it is rare that we blog about samples.

Also note that –

– We will declare the sample where appropriate.

– We will, of course, link back to, or tag, the source of the sample.

– The more samples we receive the more likely some of those samples will be mentioned. It may be prudent to send a couple of each sample so that these can be spread between the wine wankers team increasing the likelihood that one of us has an experience worth mentioning.

– Surprisingly, we’re actually quite stable and consistent people but we do reserve the right to change this sample policy at any stage.

Here’s a couple of example blog posts based around samples we’ve received where we were able to tell a story –

It’s Shiraz, but not as you know it! #shirazweek #wine

A sterling effort tackling the concept of wine tasting (versus drinking)


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Thank you for taking the time to read and understand this policy!