Please note – The Wine Wankers no longer do paid promotional posts across any of our channels and haven’t done so since 2016 (all wine related and declared). It just doesn’t work for us. We receive no financial compensation for any of our material. We have decided to leave this page here for historical reasons.



We can help you promote your wine related brand not only to our half a million followers but also to the general wine loving community on social media. We can also help you grow your social media following, often substantially!

As covered on this page, The Wine Wankers now has the biggest and most engaged social media following globally for wine. This means that we can give you exposure in a way that not many others come close to.

Although we are located in Sweden and Australia our organic reach is global and transcends borders. 30%+ of our half a million followers are in the USA, 25% in Australia, 16% in the UK and Ireland, 10% in mainland Europe, 7% in Canada with the remaining scattered around the rest of the globe. We are also able to target specific regions and often do this in our campaigns.

Our campaigns get results, as can be seen in the examples linked below. A single campaign tweet will be viewed by between 10,000 and 30,000+ people and a campaign Instagram post may get more than 1,000 engagements. A recent wine giveaway promotion has had over 57,000 views and 1,142 engagements off one tweet alone along with over 1,000 engagements each on both Instagram and Facebook.

For more information, please email us at Please also make sure to check out our Advertising and Promotions Policy. By adhering to our policy we are able to make sure that we keep the balance right between our trusted organic engagement and our promoted content.

Below are some examples of the promoted material within our social media channels. To see more examples, please search “#wwcampaign” on Instagram or “@winewankers #spon” on Twitter but without the quotation marks.

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