About The Wine Wankers

G’day – You’ve tripped through the vines of The Wine Wankers. We’re two major wine lovers who love talking about wine through social media.  Humour is a central theme of our writing style, attempting to put the wine in context rather than churning out mind numbing descriptions of wine.

Conrad and Drew are both based in Sydney, Australia, and spend a lot of time travelling the wine world, which gives their social media a global focus.

If you haven’t guessed already, our name is lashed in irony.  To quote Urban Dictionary, a wine wanker is, “somebody who drinks wine pretentiously in the company of others to show off their knowledge and try to make other people feel inferior.”

We like to think of ourselves as the ‘anti wine wanker brigade’, aiming to make wine more accessible by taking the pretentiousness (real or perceived) out of the wine fraternity – ie, wine without the wankery.

The WW’s are globally one of the highest rated wine blogs, with a large international following of almost 500,000 people across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, WordPress, Tumblr, and Linkedin.

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  1. Conrad! Great to see you again! Guess I’m going to have to “follow” your blog to keep up with what you’ve been doing even though I’m not much of a wine drinker and certainly no “wine wanker” at all!

    Drop by any time! The door’s always open!



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  2. Hello Conrad,

    Thank you for peeking at my recovery blog. Now I’m never against a great glass of wine every now and then. I also am a book promoter for some fine authors on my Other Blog here: https://anAuthorandWriterinProgress.wordpress.com

    So come on over and follow me there and meet your next great read. Wine and books go together don’t you think?

    Warm Regards,
    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon 🙂 🙂

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  3. Glad you liked my post. And as a fellow wine buff, glad to have found your entertaining site. Spent some time being ferried round the wineries in Margaret River, so have supped at the fount. Will follow. As a fan of satire, I also like your humorous touch. Here’s a link you might enjoy:

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  4. I am a wine wanker. I love wine and everyone I tell about it thinks I am a wanker. The amazing thing is that after a while of drinking it I lose the sense of speech and I don’t care if anything thinks I am a wanker. So that has to be win-win for all. You have got to love wine for that. I love my reds. In all seriousness I love your light-heartedness Aussie approach you have for your passion and I just have to follow.

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  5. I absolutely love the name of your blog and the fact that it is about wine (which I also love). Thanks for stopping by my humble blog and keep up the great blogging! Cheers!

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  6. Hi there, nice to meet you. Just wanted to say hi, and thank you for stopping by at my blog, Lynne’s Recipe Trails and for the ‘like’ on my One Lovely Blog Award. I look forward in exploring your blog, it really sounds super interesting 🙂

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  7. Hi and thanks for the Instagram like!

    The reason for emailing is that last September I rode from London to Valdobbiadene, Italy, to race in the Gran Fondo Prosecco.A famous 12 year old end of season bike race to help promote Prosecco internationally.
    I rode 1,000 miles in 10 days

    The major Prosecco producer, Villa Sandi, were so inspired they are paying me to ride back, to arrive in London on the 18th July
    The owner of Villa Sandi, Giancarlo Moretti Polegato will ride the last few miles into London with us to a grand Prosecco reception.
    This is part of a ‘Made In Italy’ promotion with particular emphasis on Prosecco and the UK market.

    I wondered if you guys may want to do something around the ride and the arrival in London?
    Would you be willing to post blogs or our Instagram likes while we ride up through Europe?

    These are just ideas and it is very late in the day I know to put something together but I hope you don’t mind me asking.
    If there is a spark of an idea here I am happy to help in any way I can.

    Mike Ramseyer
    Instagram: mikeramseyer

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  8. Thank you for liking “Out of This World.” I did not really think about what a wine wanker is until I read this post. I enjoyed learning something new! 🙂 Good luck with your “anti-wine wanker” mission. 😀

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  9. Hey, thanks for the Likes. Never thought there’s a lot of things you can say about wine. Yeah, you guess it. I don’t drink 😛

    God speed to your anti-wine wanking crusade!!!

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  10. Nice 🙂 … from over the ditch … the last time I ever went to a vineyards wine tasting thingy (well overpriced and over rated!) .. the twat doing the sampling told me I had ‘an undeveloped pallet’ … ‘untrue’ I replied; ‘your wine is shit, and I’m not buying the bottle!’ … would those be the wankers your referring too?? 😉

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  11. I live in the besst of the wine wankers states of Australia – Sth Oz. As you know we have the Barossa, Clair Valley, Coonawarra, McClaren Vale, Adelaide Hills – spoilt for choice 🙂


  12. I live in the best of the wine wankers states of Australia – Sth Oz. As you know we have the Barossa, Clair Valley, Coonawarra, McClaren Vale, Adelaide Hills – spoilt for choice 🙂


  13. This is a beautiful blog!. Thank you so much for the follow… I’ll be back later tonight to have a look around!!! Glad I bumped into you at Opher’s place. 🙂


  14. Great blog site, although I’m not a daily wine consumer, I have many friends who are wine aficionados and conisours with weekly visits to wineries in the US.

    There is an organization called Harvest Host (https://harvesthosts.com) targeting the US recreational vehicle owners who live full-time in the RV’s (RV’ers) You signup on a yearly subscription to visit and volunteer at the US wineries while parking your RV on their property.

    I can see you driving from coast to coast tasting wines from every region. 🙂


  15. Dear Conrad,

    Glad you liked the comments I left on your Wine blog and followed me on Cheap and Easy Student Recipes, but I was hoping you’d follow my main WordPress blog https://wannabetvchefblog.wordpress.com/
    Perhaps I need to do something in my settings to steer people towards my main blog??

    Either way
    Best Wishes


  16. Oh this could become my new addiction. 🙂 My husband and I live in Ontario Canada and are members of Trius (Andrew Peller). We have found some great little wineries here in Ontario and Nova Scotia (where I am originally from). What are you opinions on Canadian wines?


  17. What kind of wine was that!? Tonight with spaghetti I had a beautiful deep red, like a Cabernet Sauvignon but Chilean. Carménère, it was full and fruity, with that hint of tannin in the finish. A second glass, yes, please!


  18. Can you send me your e-mail please as I’d like to send you a press release…Juliet 🙂


  19. Dear, Conrey and Drew
    We would love to invite you and will be honored to have along us to celebrate the biggest wine festival ‘National Wine Day’ in Moldova- The Wine Country!

    Moldovan wines receive worldwide attention and are multiple awards winners of wine and spirits competitions all over the world, including the USA.

    Recently they were even featured on FOX News Chicago, had an excellent response from the community and more than 300000 views online, link attached.

    The Moldova Wine Festival, officially named “National Wine Day”(NWD), takes place in Chisinau during the first weekend in October at the end of the grape harvest. The festival celebrates Moldova’s rich winemaking traditions, which date back to the 15th century.

    During the festival, Moldovan wineries proudly display their wines in individual stands, often richly decorated in national style, and offer wine tastings to visitors. Guests can find a vast range of wine, from dry wines (reds, whites, and rosés) produced following the latest trends; to sparkling wines; to sweet, semi-sweet, and fortified wines; to rare “collection wines”, produced 10-20 years ago and stored in Moldova’s famous underground cellars. While wine is the main attraction, dozens of local restaurants and cafes offer traditional foods: grilled meats, placinta (type of pie), other national dishes, fruits, and desserts. The festival also has plenty of local colors, with traditional music and dance and people dressed in national costumes. Many vendors sell Moldovan handicrafts. Admission is free!

    Moldovan Heritage Foundation (NGO) jointly with partners from US and Moldova, is launching the formation of the US delegation to the mentioned event and encourages the earliest registration.

    The Foundation and partners of the 2017 NWD, graciously agreed to arrange the travel, visas, accommodation, translation, transportation, meals and all other logistical details for the members of the US delegation. The whole list of the provided services, facilities, additional mission stops and costs will be provided upon request and are individually discussed.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information or would like to discuss any details.

    Please save the date for now.

    Andrei TUREA
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Moldovan Heritage Foundation ‘Tree of Life’


  20. Hi,
    My daughter is turning 40 this coming year & I want to purchase one of the 118 cm wine glasses to have at her party! Have great ideas on how to use it. How do I go about doing this? I cannot find a section to put in an order.
    Thank you!


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