The Under-loved

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Ostrich schnitzel, and when a wine doesn’t taste like you remember it

Hmm, inky!

Pairing a 2008 Frogmore Creek Riesling with Indian

Bogans Guide To Wine… 1999 Penfolds Bin 389 (the 50th episode)

Getting into some Massoni Shiraz from the Pyrenees

Wine Wanker Jackets

Date Night @ Antoine’s Grill

Red Obsession; when wine becomes more valuable than gold

Tasting 123 of the best of Australian wine; for $95!

Drinking racing car wine with cheese!


  1. Great blog, makes me homesick(almost) we don’t have much wine available in our area, La Tigra Morelos pop. 390. Thank you for following vsvevg, I’m leaving now, too much mouthwatering : ) paz, Abby


  2. Hello Conrad dear 🙂 Thanks so much for liking “French Talk” to follow. I highly appreciate this a lot and I am so honored to have met you here via WP…
    Awesome blog you have here… I love it! Keep on blogging and see you around! 🙂


  3. This looks a really fun blog, gentlemen. I know wine’s big business in Australia – i visited a couple of vineyards when i was there for a month a few years ago. You have some fantastic wines out there. The sunshine’s not bad either – so good for all those grapes! Thank you for liking my post, despite the fact that it’s not about the revered fruit of the vine.


  4. I’ve been a wine drinker for many years now, but with the cost of living in Australia becoming so very expensive I all but had given up…until I found this ridiculously cheap cast wine. I enjoy a very dry (Brut) red wine & have discovered Sovereign Point Classic Dry Red 4ltr cask for the crazy price of $12, which I now enjoy a glass most evenings with dinner. I don’t particularly like the other 3 varieties Sovereign Point offer but do enjoy the dry red at room temperature in winter & chilled in summer….and great to have on hand for cooking. I’ve cheated at parties & BBQ’s by filling old red wine bottles with this & have been surprised how many comment on how good it is. Many friends also now buy & siphon Sovereign Point into bottles…funny how cask wine has that stigma.

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  5. I am a cartoonist and live in Atlanta, I have been doing wine related cartoons for twenty years or more. as a matter of fact, one of the cartoons I saw in the opening of your webpage is mine from 2000..”white or Red”.
    I just had a 11 by 14 , 60 plus pages of wine cartoons published.It is a coffee table piece and is going to be sold here in Georgia. I have been drawing cartoons for sixty five years, they are all over the world and am now seventy-nine, still going strong.
    Thanks for what you do,
    Chuck Stoudt


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