Oops… I did it again.

I thought I’d finish off the year with a reblog of a classic post written by Stu. We’re all flat-chat with our non-blogging lives at the moment, with Christmas, New Year and all, but will be back early in the next year with lots of new wine stories to tell and a new face to introduce as well, which we are very much looking forward to. So I hope you enjoy this post from August. In my mind there were days “before Oops” and days “after Oops”. This post coincided with a big uplift in readership.

Have a great New Year everyone!

The Wine Wankers

DeliveryNo I am not talking about the late 90’s Britney Spears hit (although a specific image springs to mind).  I am talking about the six boxes of wine I can see on the door step as I turn into my driveway, the big smile growing on my face which is instantly replaced with a wince due to the ear piercing shrill from my wife  “SSTTTTUUUUUAAAAARRRTTTT”.

Don’t laugh!  I swear if she had a rolling pin in hand I would have been pummeled.  In my house there is always an element of danger involved when buying wine which results in my

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