Another fun collection of wine images – the never ending wine meme

wine laughs funny stuff laundry doing it right

After the success of Wine… It pairs perfectly with Christmas!A collection of fun wine images and A great collection of wine infographics, I thought I’d create a new post as a way to store away a few more wine funnies that have come our way.

I wish I could credit the brilliant minds behind these but unless it’s on the image that important fact has been lost through time.

The humorous wine memes seem to be never ending. Enjoy! 😛

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  1. These are GREAT — thanks for a nice way to start my weekend. Gotta love that deconstructed wine glass — wonder how they photographed that, with the wine “floating” in the center?!


  2. lol! thanks for sharing this. Have queued this to be retweeted tomorrow (like a total wine wanker, using software to schedule tweets about wine)


  3. I need that keyboard and the doorbell. Wine and coffee memes, always my favorites.
    (doing something different with an organic Shiraz today, and I didn’t even open it…yet)


  4. beyond brilliant. how this did not get Fresh Pressed is beyond me. seriously made my evening. i mean, i am under my usual influence of Cab and Zin as i sit before you so that could have colored my appreciation. But that doesnt make it any less true. 🙂
    i also love this one:


  5. Most books do not contain the amount of truth that exists in these memes. I wish I’d had a cork tank top when I was a younger woman. It lets a suitor know your priorities right off the bat. I almost think that yellow tail billboard could convince me to drink it, although I’ve tried several kinds and never did care for it much.


  6. Love the first picture. One of my co-workers told me about her basement laundry room that was right next to her bar and she would go down, pour herself a glass of wine and really look forward to doing the laundry!


  7. So hard to pick a favorite. I thought it would be “Age gets better with Wine”. But, I think I’ll have to go with “Coffee, you’re on the bench. Alcohol, suit up!” 🙂 I have a sign on my wall that says “Wine and friends need to be old.” Thanks for sharing!


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