Confessions of a wine (buying) addict; 10 signs you may have a problem

CellarThey say the first step is acknowledging you have a problem. If you are not sure whether you have one, read on, for our 10 signs that you may have a wine buying problem.  Our extensive research (mostly practical) indicates that if you score 5 or more out of 10, you are in trouble 🙂

We must admit that we get almost the same thrill from finding a wine treasure/bargain as we do drinking it; then there is the problem of how many to get. At least 3. One now, one at peak age and one to see how long it will last. Maybe 6, oh it’s the same freight for 12. So 12.

10 signs that indicate you may be in some strife;

1. You feel stressed that your cellar is full and you have no room for new purchases.

2. You purposely drink wine taking up valuable space that could be used for new wine.

3. Your spare bedroom looks like the dispatch area of a winery; full of boxes of wine.

4. Your garage has morphed into a cellar and the car stays parked in the driveway.

5. You feel like a bottle of wine with dinner however you have nothing you want to drink; what you really feel like is what you don’t have.

6. Your monthly wine budget exceeds your monthly food budget.

7. Your children/friends visit and find the spare room now has a wine fridge in it.

8. Wine rack assembly becomes a hobby.

9. Your tastes have changed and those 20 cases of Shiraz are taking up valuable Pinot space.

10. You plan dinner parties just to get through a few more bottles to free up space.

Enjoy wine responsibly peeps 🙂

Author: Neal (The Wine Wankers)



  1. When we first moved into our home in Spain 15 years ago my husband jokingly asked the owner if the contents of the substantial wine cellar were included in the price! He said okay – he was moving to an appartment and did not have room for it. I think we have gone through stages 1-10 but cannot remember……..


  2. I scored about 7 out of 10, and it is only because I don’t have the garage, and there are few other small differences…


  3. I knew I was a lost cause the first time I decided there was no point taking my blood pressure pill with a glass of water when I had a perfectly good glass of wine on the go…oh well.


  4. In relation to #7 we laugh because every time we go out to dinner (we have loads of BYOB W/ no corkage fees) we compare the price of our wine verses our total meal, and it never fails our wine is higher. #3- when we had to move to TN for a year, our house didn’t have a basement- so that meant no wine cellar- we revamped the dining room so that it became our wine cellar. The people who purchased our house were not so convinced it was an awesome modification. So we broke the cellar down and packed it up with the move. Yeah, we may need to enter a program


  5. Reblogged this on Duff's Wines and commented:
    I think that you’d enjoy this take on a disease that afflicts people that I know. But not me. I have made a resolution to shed the cellar. Live in the moment. Wait…..dud you say they have a case lot price for Barolo?


  6. I’ll never have the garage-conversion problem here in Texas, unless I invest in super-insulation to convert what is often 43 degrees for weeks on end into usable temps! But I think any number of “problems” are well worth the solving when it comes to having good wines on hand. 😉


  7. […]  I didn’t think the app would help me, but I figured I’d give it a try. Very quickly  I learned that it is actually really easy to keep up with them, and not only is it easy to read the apps, but it is super simple to search and subscribe to other blogs.  My shelf now includes over 20 blogs and it is easy to stay on top of them all.One of the blogs I subscribe to is The Winewankers.  I also follow them on twitter @winewankers.  Their blog entries are entertaining and insightful.  Heck, their introductory paragraph on their blog starts with “Smile You’re at the best wine blog ever!” And you know what, they are damn good! I find myself smiling, when I see that they have a new entry. Ben, Conrad and Neil make up the Winewankers and they alternate who authors the blog entries.  Although I do not know them personally, they are funny guys.  You can tell they definitely enjoy what they do. In the world of blogging, there is also re-blogging.  I think it is an ultimate compliment if someone wanted to re-blog what I wrote.  To me, it means that someone enjoyed what I wrote so much that they wanted to share my thoughts with their followers.  (I’m hoping that Neal feels this same way)  With all that aside, this one blog entry by Neal is so funny and sadly, so true, that I really wanted to re-blog it.  As someone who loves wine, and after reading this article, must confess I have a problem, I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.It is titled “Confessions of a wine (buying) addict; 10 signs you may have a problem”  It was originally posted on their blog on July 7, 2014.… […]


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