Wine-A-Palooza – the best wines we’ve drunk this week

Forgive me dear reader for I have sinned.  It’s been two weeks since our last blog post – and it’s completely my fault; I’ve been CRAZY BUSY!  Try relocating to another country (Sweden), learning all about the local wine scene, deciphering labels in a foreign language, discovering new wines and grape varieties you never knew existed, being flown to the south of France – just to taste wine, and all while doing a 40 hour work week in your real job!

Meanwhile, Conrad has hightailed it out of Sydney and is currently drowning in Argentina’s best Malbecs.  Why do we do this – we love wine.  It’s that simple.  And every wine we post – is 100% Wine Wanker approved.  Drink up – the weekend is here.

[let us know what wines you’ll be drinking this weekend.]

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What a treat!. On our first day in Languedoc, our hosts ripped open a bottle of 1945 grappa-like spirit made from the local wine grapes. We think it's the French version called Eau de Vie. It was so old, nobody knew exactly what the home brew was made from – there wasn't even a label – just this tell tale 1945 cork! This was perfect following our kayaking adventure down the river to the charming village of Roquebrun in the Saint-Chinian sub region (where some of the wine writers capsized into the rapids). Fortunately no lives were lost! But this grappa-like drink sure did warm us up! Post by Drew #winewankers #wwlanguedoctrip #wwontour #vino #wine #languedoc #languedocweek

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