The Wine Wankers in Texas USA, Hawke’s Bay New Zealand, and Porto Portugal

We do love our wine tourism trips! Visiting wine regions not only gives you a deeper insight into the wine it also puts the wine into the context of the land and the people. You see the vineyards that the wine comes from and you experience the energy of the wineries. And then there is the food! Wine is so much more enhanced by food especially when it’s locally paired.

Below are our recent trips into the homes of wine taken straight out of our Instagram feed as that is where we report our adventures as we go. We hope you get a decent glimpse into the regions and their wine.

So do you enjoy travel into wine regions? Please let us know about your adventures…



  1. The photo from Tuki Vineyard Cottage is just stunning. I’m in Austin, so I’m glad you enjoyed your Salt Lick trip and your visit to Fredericksburg. There are many vineyards in the Hill Country, so we are blessed to have varieties to choose from. I wish I were as knowledgeable as y’all are about wine; I’ve never even heard of the hybrid grape Norton. 🙂

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