The Wine Wankers’ top 20 wines for the festive season!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We’ve come across some good value and easily accessible wine lately so here’s our top 20+ wines for the festive season!

We’d love you to tell us below all about the wine you’ve been drinking and what your wine plans are for the holidays…



  1. Thanks Wine Wankers. Glad to see you like the Champagne Jeeper. I agree it would be a perfect wine for the festive season. Or the un-festive season in fact. Or to bathe in. Wonderful wine!
    Can I take the chance to wish the entire wanker team a happy Christmas and all the best for a happy healthy and prosperous 2017. May your wine be wonderful!

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  2. HAPPY Holidays Conrad and Thanks for stopping by my recovery blog XO… Now I know you will “cringe” but never could aquire a taste for wine. But you sure always make it Look Good! LOL. I wish YOU a very Merry and Blessed Holidays and come visit MY Other WP blog and meet a great Read “-)

    Love & Peace,


  3. I love the suggestions and champagne makes me happy all times of the year. It’s been a nice journey reading your posts and getting suggestions. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year’s celebration, my friend!


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  4. One of the great joys of wine, is that you won’t drink it all. I mean, I expected that I won’t have drank any on the list, seeing as I am drinking South African wines, but I did not expect to nog be familiar with any of the wines listed.

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