The Teabag Method: the new way to chill wine in 3 minutes

Being able to chill a glass of wine quickly is the wine-equivalent to building a better mousetrap. My partner doesn’t understand why this is important – thinking, ‘what kind of person is so desperate for a glass of wine they can’t wait 60 minutes!’ Answer – EVERYONE!

My usual go-to method has been whacking a bottle of wine in the freezer. Yes this can be relatively quick, but it’s not as quick as our new method. Plus, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve frozen the forgotten wine because I was side-tracked by the gin and tonic I had while waiting!

Wait no more – because The Wine Wankers have invented the Tea Bag Method!

The Teabag Method #chillwinequickly

But before we explain, let’s look at man’s previous attempts to chill wine quickly

Frozen Grape Method (con – the grapes can add an unwanted flavour once they defrost in your wine)

Ziploc Bag method (Pro: brilliantly quick. Con: too much fussing around with ingredients and props)

Ice + Salt + Water in Bucket Method (con – no one has that much ice in their freezer, plus it still takes 10 minutes)

The Wet Towel and Freeze Method (con – the wet towel acts as an insulation device, so it takes longer than simply whacking it in the freezer)

Add Ice Cubes To Your Wine Method (con – waters down your wine – and no one wants that)

Introducing The Wine Wankers Tea Bag Method

Step 1 – fill your wine glass half full of ice so you only use the right amount of cubes

Step 2 – pour the ice cubes into a small plastic bag

Step 3 – fill your wine glass to the very top with room temperature wine

Step 4 – leave it for 3 minutes – giving it the occasional tea bag dunk to mix the wine

Step 5 – remove the bag, clean it and re-use it for another time (I hate single use plastic – and so should you!)

Step 6 – your wine will now be chilled to perfection. Cheers!

Post by Drew, The Wine Wankers



  1. That’s downright chilling. We have sleeves we keep in the freezer (basically cold packs) that slip over a bottle of wine or other beverage. Those sleeves chill a 750 ml bottle in about 10 minutes (we’re at 5000 feet above sea level. I don’t know if altitude effects chilling time like it does boiling temps and cooking time), and you just leave the sleeve on the bottle and it keeps it chilled sitting out on the table or counter.


  2. This is brilliant. I will definitely be trying this method out soon! I usually just put ice in my glass, but you are right, it does water down the wine.


  3. Thanks for posting this, tested & tried with my Sauvignon Blanc yesterday. It works 🙂 But I would not try that on my Pugliny-Montrachet though…


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