Who would buy a Nazi wine for £2000?!

This wine makes me feel very uneasy, especially with what is happening in America right now. My friend who works in the Swedish wine industry was visiting a wine storage facility in Denmark today and came across this very rare wine. It was given by Hitler to his Generals as a gift to commemorate his 54th birthday. These 1.5L magnums are so rare, they almost never come up for sale and are valued at more than £2000 each.  The last recorded sale was in 2014.  The wine inside was originally said to be of everyday quality, which means it would be shit now. I guess this is apt considering the ‘Fuhrer’ was arguably the shittiest human that ever existed.

While it may be valued at £2000, I would also argue it is actually worthless.  What kind of person would actually buy this #wine? The story behind this specific bottle is interesting. The wine was brought to the supplier by a concerned widow who was clearing out her partner’s belongings and didn’t know what to do. She had already tried to sell it, couldn’t sell it, and so the owner of the business acquired it for nothing.

What’s even more interesting is that Hitler didn’t even drink wine. Yet he was so egotistical that he would give away wine emblazoned with his own image and name as presents to guests at his birthday party.. Just consider that for a moment…..



  1. Interesting post. No way would I pay even $1 for it. Have you read Wine Wars? It’s all about how the Nazi’s impacted the wine regions, specifically in France. And, how the winemakers ruined lots of vintages that were seized by the Nazi’s. I would guess this wine is horrible, especially if it’s from French grapes. (And, French grapes were the most “elite” at the time, and mainly all the wines Hitler wanted in his cellars.)

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  2. With the latest US political news, that bottle of wine is too hot to sell right now. Better to just leave it alone for now and wait it out until the timing is really right and politically / socially correct to do so.

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  3. I don’t understand why when found the bottle wasn’t thrown in the trash, why would anyone give it attention. Headlines about genuine racism are cause for great concern here in the US. I wonder about the FBI, are terrorists immediately taken into custody – it wasn’t that long ago that’s what would have been done.

    In poor taste is bad press for a blog about wine…

    Sorry guys.

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  4. I’m sure some fan of Hitlers would be happy to buy this in the hopes his idol touched it. The more he pays and the worse the wine is the better. Perhaps the money could be donated to an appropriate good cause like the holocaust museum somewhere.

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  5. Quite a fascinating (if no disgusting) piece of History in this bottle.
    Some wine bottles hold the happy sunshine of memorable vintages. This one well, the most horrible crime ever commited.
    One would hope the ideology behind this bottle would have aged as badly as the wine inside, and that noone could ever consider having even the tinest sip at it anymore.

    I agree, it should be donated to a museum as ‘memory’, as you said Drew. Although, I guess the story of this bottle is now at least documented forever right here in this post.
    Thanks for sharing D. 🙂

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  6. I could never buy this wine either, no matter how low the price or how high the value. Still, it’s interesting to know it even exists, which I didn’t know. I imagine it tastes quite bitter, which it probably did right from the start, if you know what I mean.


  7. The fact that Hitler didn’t like wine may well have been his downfall. Cause it was Caucasian wine that made Stalin and Churchill bond: https://lordsofthedrinks.com/2014/03/18/jozef-stalin-paranoid-dictator-mass-murderer-but-a-great-drinker/
    With that irony in mind I would love to have such a bottle. As a kid I also had some stamps and coins with Hitler’s face on it, so why not?! Just wouldn’t want to spend 2.000 bottle on a bottle of undrinkable wine.


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