Some people are lucky enough to be born into wine and inherit a pedigree that moves with them through life which, in turn, automatically opens doors to the magical experience of wine.  Others first experience with wine is as a teenager drinking a cheap Aussie red contained within a “goon bag” removed from a box that was mislabelled “Claret”.  Conrad would like to think he falls into the first category, but he doesn’t.

???????????????????????????????Conrad really didn’t get into wine until his early to mid twenties when he began hanging out with a group of friends with slightly more wine pedigree than himself.  He still remembers his first real wine tasting experience when he and his friends attended the legendary Jazz In The Vines at the Tyrell’s Vineyard in The Hunter Valley in the mid 90s.  On the Friday before the big day the group got on a little mini-bus and went wine tasting and he has never looked back since.

IMGP0058One of Conrad’s friends had a father who was an avid collector and drinker of fine wine and who had bought a case of Penfold’s Grange each year for decades.  He’d often pop open a bottle in Conrad’s presence and ask Conrad what he thought of it.  Now these were early days and Conrad’s best response would be, “it’s a nice red wine”.  Oh how he’d like to be able to transport back to those Grange drinking moments.

IMGP0266Conrad gained an appreciation for old wine about a decade ago when Stuart was lucky enough to be given a whole lot of unwanted aged wine.  But it wasn’t until only recently, when he started buying old wines at auction, that he got to truly enjoy an array of old wine.  Conrad and Stuart have also done a few wine courses together, mainly just as an excuse to drink more wine.  They’ve also annoyed many people with their incessant talking about wine, a passion they’ve learned not everyone appreciates.  And this is how they rightfully earned their nicknames Frasier and Niles, the Wine Wankers.

???????????????????????????????Conrad took his love of wine to a new level when he married his beautiful wife Debbie at the Tamburlaine winery in the Hunter Valley.  Again, partly as an excuse to drink more wine.  And wherever Conrad and Debbie travel they always have to drop into a winery or two, or sample the local wines on offer.  He is lucky to have a wine drinking buddy that at least humours him in his passion.  She is Irish after all.

IMGP0096Conrad has known Neal for over a decade and has had many a wine drinking session with him, not to mention a few beers at the pub at lunch.  After being invited by Neal to some great events recently, like the Brokenwood Graveyard 30th anniversary lunch, and the new release wines from Yarra Yering, he decided that Neal perfectly fits what it means to be a Wine Wanker.

And this whole blog came together when Stuart convinced Conrad that it would be a good idea, but he still isn’t too sure.  After all the work Stu put into this he thought he had better give it a go!

IMGP0052Oh, and Conrad also enjoys a good beer, especially if he’s spoilt with something all crafty and boutique like, a wanky beer that is.  He finds beer and wine fit for different occasions, and might even have a shot or three when he’s forgotten he likes beer and wine.

And Conrad’s Gravatar? Conrad has no hope of looking even half as good and stylish as his Gravatar, who happens to be his own man and part of our PR team.

Conrad also finds it weird writing about himself in third person.

Check out how this journey started with Stuart here and when Neal joined us a week or so later here.



  1. I love trying different wines, but it never occurred to me to check out wine blogs until you stopped by. Love the blog. And totally dig the Cornelius t-shirt.


  2. Hi Conrad. I don’t know the first thing about wine, but this is a fine blog. I wish I’d designed it. Just stopping by to say hello, and to say that you have one of the most interesting twitter feeds around. 🙂


  3. Conrad, I left most of this comment over at Kaufman’s earlier by mistake. I just wanted to let you know I’ve poked around enough here to say that I respect the quality of Wine Wankers’ content. I have a colleague/FB friend who’s really into wine. He edits a poetry journal, and has a blog devoted to poetry & wine. He only blogs occasionally, and usually it’s about poetry, but he has a wine education page and a “Wineroll” category. Would you like a link? Also, will give you a public rec. to my local circle soon. Most of the people I hang out with are connected to academia or creatives of some sort, and some of them might really like what you’re doing here.


  4. Hey, Conrad. I’ve loved the blog for a time now, and I’m wondering if you could recommend a good mead wine. They are difficult to find, at least for me. If not, that’s all right, it’s all good. Keep up the great work.



  5. I got me a glass of wine (not telling what kind don’t want to upset you) and started reading……….I am loving it, thank you for my entertainment, you made me laugh after a long day. OH and thank you for taking your time to read my blog, it means a lot to me! And one day I will ask for a good wine day when I dare to say that I love yellow tail Shiraz and 14 hands Merlot (just because I don’t know better would be my excuse). Cheers!


  6. Gosh, I was so very excited to read the bio of a wine wanker and it did not disappoint 🙂
    I enjoy Merlot, but I do not possess a discerning palette. I enjoy drinking my wine from a tumbler not a stem. When I purchase wine, I search the lowest shelf and make a choice based on the funniest animal label. I don’t have an allegiance to any one… Currently on my kitchen counter is a bottle with a rooster.
    I will follow your blog herewith. Hopefully, I will learn something in the process as I am all Italian and should have a small inkling about decent wine.
    AnnMarie 🙂
    ps I live 8 minutes from a winery that claims to be one of the oldest in North America – Brotherhood WInery in Washingtonville, NY. I have had their Christmas wine – I forget the specific name, it was quite delicious…


  7. Hi Conrad, Thank you for stopping by on my blog and your greeting. I don’t drink alcohoic drinks actually, but I love to read your stories on your blog. Very interesting! best wishes on your journey.


  8. Conrad, I want to thank you for your support and many likes. Forgive me for not following you. I love wine, but try to avoid it because of my family history of alcoholism, a strong predisposition to alcoholism (I crave red wine whenever I see or think of it), interactions with medication, and maintaining psychiatric stability.


  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog, Conrad. I love wine, too, although out here in the back end of beyond decent wine is rare. In fact I think it’s extinct. We buy ours from the Cape in South Africa. Have you visited Stellenbosch and Cape Town? It’s nearly as lovely as the Hunter Valley :).

    Liked by 1 person

  10. G’day Conrad,
    Just dropped in to thank you for your visit and for noting a follow, both very much appreciated.
    Wine, it’s ironic I now live slap bang in the middle of Yarra Valley surrounded by wineries. Lucky! you’d think, alas no fifty odd years ago after being rushed to hospital emergency rooms on a few consecutive Saturday nights I was diagnosed with having an acute allergy to alcohol, Oh damn there went my teenage dreams hahahahaha anyway Conrad I have enjoyed browsing your blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is interesting too with the 4 of you. Reason for the wine and the rooster is because we have a winery in BC called Red Rooster. But also because I enjoy a good bottle of wine!

    Liked by 1 person

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